Watch Live TV On Android Mobile Phone - Top Apps For Android - 2019

Watch Live TV On Android Mobile Phone - Top Apps For Android - 2019

1. UKTVNow

UKTVNow is also another solid app that allows you to watch live tv. The standout part of this app is definitely the categories for live tv, and the variety in channels that this app offers.

Download UKTVNow here

2. USTV App

The USTV App features many of the main us tv channels you can think of. This app seperates itself from all the others apps in this video because of how many channels it offers.

Download here USTV Android APK

In order to get any android app on this list do the following

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Unknown Sources
3. Make sure it is on
4. Download any app from this list.
Download videos from YouTube and Facebook
Download the most powerful application to download videos on Android phones, which is the best application for the process of uploading videos on YouTube directly on your mobile phone running Android

Download a video from Facebook is the possibility to browse your Facebook account within the application and choose the video to download easily, you can browse the latest news for your account and choose the video you want to download by pressing it to start downloading . 
Facebook video
Youtube video
Laughing my ass off right now!!! I just noticed my wife's Snapchat emoji. 100% accurate :)

get emoji for snapchat

Tired of the boring old emoji on your phone? You are in luck! With piZap's Emoji Maker you can create your own emoji in a snap. The emoji design possibilities are endless. You will have hours of fun designing, and sharing your own emoji creations. Just be careful, once you start its hard to stop. You have been warned.

- Emoji Maker
- Moji Creator
- Hundreds of emoji eyes, mouths, bodies, and props
- Add text, stickers, cutouts, and paint
- Easy to learn, hard to stop!
- Share your emoji in text messages, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other app on your phone.

 Recover deleted images from your phone

Whether you deleted them accidentally or lost them when formatting your hard drive, can bring back to life nearly all your gone image files, including not only those in the most common formats, but also RAW, PSD, or Adobe Illustrator graphic files. Besides, it also supports a number of popular audio and video formats, which let you recover most of your deleted media files in just three simple steps.

Recover My Photos works with many types of direct camera connections where your media card appears as a drive letter on your PC. If your camera is not displayed as a drive letter when connected to your PC you can use a digital camera card reader.

If you are asking how do I recover deleted photos, Recover My Photos is fast and easy. No technical skill is required to recover deleted photos. It works for compact flash data recovery, smart media data recovery, memory card recovery, or other storage media including your PC hard drive.

Download Wifi open Direct link
When you are out with friends and you find a strong and close Wifi signal, they all want to access it so that they can browse online for free. However, how many times did it happen for anyone to know or to guess the password? Even though this is a joke application, this software will definitely be fun and of good use in times like this. Your friends will think that you really can hack the password and they can use the internet for free. The app scans for nearby Wifi connections and then it does its magic and delivers a password.

Access to local wifi connections
It identifies any type of connection, both WPA and WEP
Compatible with Android devices (phones, tablets)
Generates a random password in just a few seconds
Can memorize one single password for a WiFi connection

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